August 2019

CHARMANT unveils flagship eyewear experience, inviting customers to find the perfect eyewear that tailors to their style and individual personality.



The name “CHARMANT NAMIKI St. GINZA” befits the new phase of activities that begin right here, on the 1st and 2nd floors of the historical Carioca Building on Namiki St., Ginza.


When you enter through the black gate, you will find the eye examination room and the fitting room on the right. The rooms are furnished with walls of light—symbolizing the functional space that offers the best, optimal services.


The black granite stairs at the end of the first floor is equipped with a stainless steel handrail which plays a significant role in this space.


On the first floor, wall to wall frames will allow visitors a 360° view of approximately 700 eyewear styles to freely select their favorite looks from exclusive and high-end eyewear collections.

The second floor features a personalized fitting salon primarily for reservations. Customers receive a personalized consultation by an eyewear specialist, the appointment includes precise head measurements conducted via a 3-D scan, and customized eyewear recommendations based on their style, size, vision needs, and lifestyle.

The “Image Creative” room walls are made of stainless steel. The surfaces were hand-polished for a highly organic finish. This is the place where eyewear takes center stage to create and transmit new beauty and new images.

The same floor also includes a showcase of cutting-edge medical tools, demonstrating CHARMANT’s innovative manufacturing techniques, honed through their acquired expertise in manufacturing high-quality eyewear over the last half of a century.

The designer and visionary Keiko Hirano masterminded the interior design and total design, maximizing the distinguished space in the long-established Ginza Carioca Building on Namiki St. Ginza.

From here, CHARMANT begins its future.


Address: 1F&2F Ginza Carioca Building, 5-4-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0061
Phone: 03-3571-4141
Open/close 11:00/20:00 (regular holidays: New Year)




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